The most beautiful memories are usually persevered in photographs. 

The ones that are passionate about photography or video recordings have now the chance to capture for eternity the unique moments experienced inside an airplane, from which the perspectives are simply limitless.   


We organize accommodation and acclimatization flights both in the aerodrome area and on the established routes.

The ones passionate about aerial photography, the admirers of flight or anyone interested in new experiences can contact us.


The status of the work-sites (river courses, railways, roads, etc.) the level of deforestation and other objectives are now easy to supervise using our aerial surveillance services.


We are inviting you to join us and we are helping you to keep track of your elements of interest, by taking pictures and video recordings that cover areas of great surfaces.

​The photography and video recordings are facilitated by the fact that there is no obstacle between the camera objective and the subject of interest.

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