1. Training course for pilot license attainment, ultralight airplane class

  2. Training course for pilot license revalidation, ultralight airplane class

  3. Training course for pilot license renewal, ultralight airplane class

  4. Training course for passenger flight special authorization, ultralight airplane class 



The applicant for an ultralight motorized aircrafts pilot license must have at least 16 years of age and he/she must own an appropriate medical certificate, within the validity period.


The ultralight motorized aircrafts pilot license grants the bearer the rights to fly as a commander pilot and to exercise the function of a maintenance and overhaul technic personnel, for any ultralight motorized aircraft, within the limits of the owned qualifications and authorizations.

Therefore an ultralight motorized aircrafts pilot is allowed to perform the following types of flights:

- recreational flights;

- private flights;

Special authorization for passenger flights, other than the class qualified pilot or a pilot trainee, can be granted to ultralight motorized aircrafts pilot license owners in the conditions specified by the in force reglementations.

The flight activities effectuated on commercial bases are reserved to ultralight motorized aircrafts pilots that also own an instructor qualification.


CSM Air Academy recognize the hours of flight and theoretical instruction effectuated at other training organizations, according to the conditions of the specific, in force legislation.


The training programs include theoretical training courses, based on distance learning methods, which consists of individual study conducted by the student, and the information assimilation level overseen by our instructors via periodically held seminars, for every subject. The communication is done via e-mail, phone or on online communication platforms. 

Periodically, we organize sessions of theoretical examination, in order to evaluate the level of subjects assimilation amongst our students. 


​The theoretical courses are held at the CSM Air headquarters localized on Soseaua Oltenitei, number 225A, Sector 4, Bucharest or at Letca Noua aerodrome.

For the theoretical courses, the training organization offers course support textbooks in either the electronic format, or the printed version that can be found within the school's mini library premises.

All the subjects included in the license attainment final examination are covered by our textbooks.


Practical training programs consists of practical training at soil and in flight, according to the Instruction Textbook and in force, specific reglementations and include acclimatization flights, flights in order to acquire technical flying skills and raid flights, with landings on other aerodromes, emergency situation simulations and, of course, solo flights.

The flight training takes place on Letca Nouă aerodrome.


Our students benefit from a student portfolio that consist of: 


- a logbook;

- Romania VFR map;

- one memory stick that contain both the course support and all the necessary informations for theoretical and practical training courses held by CSM Air Academy.


In order to enroll at CSM Air Academy courses you must go through the following steps:

1) You need to complete and send online an enrollment application 


2) You have to send the necessary documents (their copies), as following: a copy after B.I./C.I. (identity card), a copy after your study diploma (if it's the case), your parents/guardian legal agreement (the original version) for minors. 


3) You must attain a medical certificate, minimum Class II at one of the approved facilities


5)  Meet the financial requirements

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